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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Elaine AKA Spice Hustla. They also call me cayenne lady, spicy mama, hot than a tamale. I’m a Howard University graduate, entrepreneur, mother, and grandmother. I enjoy collaborating with my customers to tantalize your taste buds with The Spice Suite’s array of products. New flavors excite me, but so do the classics. Two of my fave spices are This Ain’t Goya and Classic Blend. I am game to try almost any spice.



You can call me Rita AKA Spice Official. I’m a DC Native and avid Spice Suite shopper since it opened six years ago. I love experimenting with all kinds of flavors. I’m happy to make recommendations and share my expertise. I dare not forget to mention that my love for the Spice Suite extends to the 19 dope creatives The Spice Girls. Favorite Spice: Zesty-ish.



Hi! My name is Arely Reyes. I’m originally from San Diego, California, but have lived in the DMV for the last 10 years. One of my favorite things to do is try new dishes from around the world. My all-time favorite dish is tacos (I’m originally from Mexico), but also panang curry, and butter chicken. I love the Spice Suite and the fact that it brings spices and products from many different places and cultures. I love shopping for my clients!. My favorite spices are Garlic Pepper & Honey Chipotle --that sweet heat is my jam!



I’m a gal that loves interacting with people, I haven't met a stranger yet. I'm a wife, girl, mom of 3 beautiful ladies, and have 1 g-baby. I enjoy being creative, cooking, laughing, and sharing my black girl magic! Being a Personal Shopper for the Spice Suite allows me to share my spirit and the love I have for people. There are many spices I could say are my favorites, but since I have to choose one it’s Savina Garlicky Chipotle. It goes in every dish I cook.

(if you like heat).



My name is Tanya AKA The Spice Pusher. I’m a DC native, a self-proclaimed foodie, a mother of four, and a true people person. This made it an easy decision to become a personal shopper at The Spice Suite. My favorite color is yellow. Favorite Spice: Savina Garlicky Chipotle (Sweet Heat)



I’m a PG County Native, Publicist, and Blogger. Tacos are my favorite food. I love traveling and trying new food. When I’m on vacation I like to take recommendations from the locals. My signature red hair is how you can always point me out in a crowd. My favorite spice is Nawlins Vibe! I put it on errrything :)



I'm Amina aka DJ MIM…. DC born and raised, Gemini, avid foodie, home Chef, undiscovered comedian, entrepreneur, and full-time DJ. I love eating, entertaining people, and coming up with innovative food fusions and drink concoctions. Supporting Black-owned businesses and products is my jam - especially if they are created by WOMEN. Hampton University was my home by the sea. The love of my life is my 4-year-old Black Chihuahua named Sofía. My favorite Spice Suite seasoning is Real Good Girl and the Lemon Pepper Hot Sauce is my happy place.



I'm Racheal Streeter, a DC Native from Northeast Washington DC. I am a personal shopper with Black Girls In The Spice Suite and I love food as much as I love fashion. Fun fact: I love tattoos and I get a new one every new place I travel to. My favorite spice is This Ain’t Goya! Its sooo good! Catch it when you can.



Hey Ya'll! My name is Cherise Mattheson, creator of Black Girls In The Spice Suite. I was born in London, England by way of Jamaica and St. Lucia. My Caribbean roots make me spicy by nature. Picking a favorite spice is so hard because they are all unique in their own special way. If I had to go with a favorite, or three I'd pick Asian-Ish, DC or Nothing, and Vanilla Sugar.

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